Runway Modeling Demands Artistic Skill, Emotional Intelligence

A real estate broker and landscaping products dealer in Kansas City, Andrea Villines worked as a professional model in the late 1990s. As a model with Hoffman International Model & Talent Agency of Overland Park, Kansas, Andrea Villines traveled to six countries for her work, specializing in walking the runway. A winner of the Top Runway Model award in 2001, she also appeared in commercials and print advertisements.

Runway models appear at fashion shows to model clothing and other items. Their audience frequently consists of important decision-makers such as clothing buyers and other designers. With minimal props and no verbal tools at their disposal, runway models focus their creative energies on visual expression using their own bodies. As a key component of realizing a designer’s vision, they must capture the attention of the audience with the goal of selling the merchandise they are modeling. Different client items require different presentation, which increases the artistic demands of runway modeling.

Organizers of fashion shows describe the competencies of runway models as multifaceted, going beyond walking ability to include intangibles such as confidence and attitude. These qualities help present the designer’s work in the best light.