Community Improvement District Beautifies Martin City

A successful entrepreneur and real estate broker, Andrea Villines has succeeded in a variety of fields, including music and fashion. Andrea Villines’ family line includes North Pole explorer Robert Peary and a well-known Kansas City property owner. Her great-grandfather co-founded Martin City, Missouri.

Named for distillery magnate, former Kansas City mayor, and education board member Edward Martin, Martin City, Missouri, encompasses the area surrounding 135th and Holmes Street. Although it became part of Kansas City in 1963, Martin City retains a small-town feel. It remains populated by vintage homes on large lots and flourishing family-owned businesses.

In 2005, the Missouri General Assembly, working in partnership with the business community of Martin City, established a Community Improvement District in the town. The District, funded by a $0.005 sales tax and a $150 property assessment, oversees a variety of programs designed to beautify, secure, and promote the area as well as improve the business climate.

The District operates under the supervision of a seven-member board of directors and employs one district manager to oversee its programs. Its geographic reach extends over 75 businesses and 300 acres.